Best Bucket Hat for Hiking

When you make a plan for an adventurous and interesting hiking day, what are those on your list of articles?Boots, bags, clothing, water, food. Above items on the list seems almost everything. Have you missed anything? Yes, a hat. It helps in shading your face, neck and ears, in which skin cancer often starts. A breathable and absorbent wide-brim hat is a perfect solution to block heat and sunlight on a sunny day. Of course, a  pair of polarized sunglasses could save up a bit. But it is not enough. What kind of hats you choose to shield coldness on a snowy evening or a rainy day? Here are some useful tips on choosing suitable hats.

Guiding Tips on How to Choose the Best Hat

In terms of getting a hat, many may spend a little time on choosing a suitable one. Most people just get one from an online store or a super market at will. In fact, choosing a hat depends on  your need. Whatever casual hats are available to a casual and private meeting; it’s weird that you wear a beanie when you are hiking. Such beanies are useless in shielding coldness and sunlight. One should know something about how to choose suitable hats, albeit only paying several bucks. Combining my experience and suggestions from experts, there is a checklist for buying the hat for hiking. Here are some factors you have to keep in mind when purchasing a new hat.

I will not buy a hat just because of a name of a brand. But I agree that, in many occasions, a brand means a guarantee of products. It’s also true to fishing hats. A branded product is always more expensive than non-brand products. Comfort is the prime consideration among many factors. How to make a decision when you find a really cool hat but somewhat not comfortable? It’s not wise to wear an uncomfortable hat throughout the whole adventure. Certainly, an uncomfortable hat is in vain when you need a practical hat much. One should also pay attention to the functions of a hat. Necessary practical functions are needed, such as keeping you away from heat from the sun. It’s easy to check such performances according to give information on a tag. A UPF 50+ of a hat means that most sun rays could be blocked by the hat.

Different Types of Hats Applicable to Different Activities

Are you going to climb mountains? Get a winter hat. Strong winds at a high altitude bring headache to mountain climbers from time to time, so a thick winter hat is more suitable than others. Are you planning for fishing? Then a wide-brim bucket hat helps a lot to provide shade to you as much as possible. Another factor is material. To a great extent, the comfort of a hat depends on its material. Check the fabric before buying a hat. Generally speaking, for the purpose of keeping warm, most winter hats are made from wool or thicker materials.

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A Cap in Your Hiking

The main function of a  hiking hat is to protect UV. Yet, don’t forget they also safeguard against cold conditions, bugs, pollen, rain, wind and lots more. For some people, they are an aesthetic preference. Just as having cool hiking boots can spur a person to get outside more often, buying a cool hat is another way to fully embrace the hobby.

A pair of sunglasses and a good sun cream. You should apply sun cream even in cloudy weather because up to 50% of sun rays efficiently penetrate through the cloud cover. Note that the potency of UV rays increases with the altitude and thus it is especially important to apply sun cream if you hike at high altitudes. Since you will most likely sweat during the hike, it is important to reapply sun cream at least every 90 minutes. The sun is, however, not only harmful for your skin but also for your eyes. Therefore, do yourself a favor and wear sunglasses that cover your eyes from all directions and provide good UV protection. This will also ensure that your eyes will not get so tired from the bright sun light.

Good hiking hats should be able to keep your face and neck protected from the sun, your head dry even during driving rains and should be able to help keep you warm or cool depending on the climate.

Perhaps no activity merits the use of a truly great hat like long-distance hiking: long hikes can take you through varied terrain and temperatures and can see the weather shift time and again. That means you need a hat that’s ready to perform no matter what you encounter along your trek! And as you might have guessed… we’re about to share a few of our favorite hiking hats with you.

If you’re looking for a basic, reliable hat that will keep the sun off your head and that lets a cool breeze blow across your scalp, this is a fine choice. It’s the hat you picture when you think about hiking: no bells and whistles, but a decent price point and quality materials. We recommended it last year and it’s still a solid choice. Take it on the trails, take it fishing, take it camping.

It’s always a challenge to look good while keeping the sun out of your eyes on the trail. This cowboy-style hat is completely crushable (as the name suggests) to pack into luggage and is built with a twill interior headband for an itch-free experience. The brim extends out just under three inches to provide optimal coverage and protection – not too little, not too much. It’s a looker and a relatively good deal as well.

This classic beret made of quality pu leather, super soft and comfortable, keep you warm in cold weather. Classic and casual artist beret,more elegant than a simple hat. Leading the top fashion, will never go out of fashion.It is a cold-weather fashion statement and keeps you looking stylish. Suitable for all seasons.

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Four Hiking Tips in Summer

Hiking can be a pure pleasure, However, in the heat of summer you should take some precautions before hitting the trails. It is very likely that you will encounter high temperatures which will make your body rapidly loose fluids. Therefore, it is essential that you regularly hydrate during the hike and bring enough water with you. You should also protect your skin and eyes against the UV rays and keep in mind that the weather might change rapidly – it is no fun to be dressed for warm sunshine if a cold rainstorm arises.

We will give you some tips on summer hiking in the following paragragh. However, if you are new to hiking, it might not be the best idea to go hiking on very warm and sunny days because such weather will put additional strain on your body.

Bring Enough Water

In high temperatures your body will lose more fluids through perspiration (sweating) and therefore it is vital that you bring enough water with you. You can calculate how much exactly after reading our article How much water to bring on a hiking trip where we took a more scientific approach to hiking hydration and explained how to calculate your water requirements. You should also drink regularly throughout the hike to prevent your body from dehydration. The latest research estimate that if you lose 5% of your body weight in fluids, your performance decreases by no less than 30% – and it does take some time to regain strength after being thoroughly dehydrated. A hydration bladder is a great accessory for hiking in summer because it allows you to drink on the go without hassle. If you are using water bottles instead of a hydration bladder, remember to take a break for drinking at least every 50 minutes, depending on the weather. Since water is heavy to carry, you should also check out if you can refill your water bottles or hydration bladder along the trail (mountain huts, streams, lakes etc.). Note that not every water source is safe to drink from and thus you might need a water filter.

Get an Early Start

There are few peoples to start their hikes at 5 am. Getting an early start means lower temperatures and  lower water requirements and less strain on the body. Another benefit of starting early, is that the trails are less crowded which enables you to set your own pace.  If the trail is grassy, it will probably be wet because of the night dew – and few things are more annoying than having wet feet during a hike. In such cases,  you might wear water-resistant hiking shoes.

Check the Weather Forecast

Checking the weather forecast before going on a hike. It is conducive for you  to make the right decisions about what gear and clothes to bring. However,  it is important to remember that the weather in summer can change quickly because of the rapid upward movement of warm air which can also lead to thunderstorms. Thunderstorms are particularly dangerous for hikers and we do recommend postponing your hike in case that thunderstorms are forecasted. If you are planning to hike at high altitudes keep in mind that the temperature drops for 5.4° F (3° C) for every 1000 ft. (300 m) gained. Cloudy weather makes hiking at high altitudes less fun because your view will be disturbed. Furthermore, clouds or fog might make it difficult or even dangerous to navigate along the trail, depending on its difficulty.

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How to Choose Hiking Hats for Women?

Hiking is, undoubtedly, one of the most adventurous and exhilarating hobbies you can take up. Whether you like to wander through green fields or get a kick out of mountain peaks, it’s great for the health of body and mind. Plus, you don’t need anything special to get started. Dig out some got suitable clothes. Pick up a few safety essentials. Then, you’re ready to go.

Some items cover both of these needs. You should carry a hiking hat, for example, no matter the weather. It’s particularly important on high trails, as the sun can feel intense even in overcast conditions. The quickest way to find a cool hat online is to search for women hiking hat, hiking hats for women, or ladies hiking hats.

There are some tips for you to pick a cap in different seasons and how to

make out a quality product.

It is necessary for you to pick up a  cap in different seasons.  If you hike all year round, it’s a good idea to buy two hats – one for cold weather to warm your head and ear,  and another for intensely sunny conditions. Your needs are going to change with the seasons, and to make a choice. In the summer, for instance, UV protection is the priority.

One hiking hat should have a wide brim to prevent sunburn on the ears, neck and forehead. This is less of a need in winter, but you may still need a hat for warmth, such as fishing hats. Look for one with an insulated interior covered with wool or fluffy faux fur.

Hiking hats for women come in many styles. Often, choice of material is linked to a cold or warm weather design, so keep this in mind when shopping. It’s common, for example, to find summer hats in thin, breathable cotton. They provide protection but keep the wearer cool.

Natural fabrics like cotton are recommended, but they can be pricier than synthetic materials. If you’re on a budget, consider nylon or another synthetic fabric. However, make sure it is thin enough for hot weather. Some nylon hats come with little holes for added comfort and breathability. These holes also come in handy for draining water when it’s rainy.

It may seem a bit fussy to measure your head for a hat, but any product you spend money on should be a perfect fit. Choose a hat that matches your head size, with a little extra space for comfort. The last thing you want is for it to be annoyingly loose or overly tight while out walking.

For mountain climbers and other high elevation hikers, a well-fitting hat is a safety tool. Depending on the difficulty of the climb, you may need to keep your hands free. Grasping for a loose hat could be a recipe for disaster in a dangerous environment.

These days, ladies hiking hats span from as little as five dollars to as much as a hundred. It is entirely possible to find a high-quality product for a bargain price. You may need to do some rigorous online searching to uncover the best deals though.

Try researching popular brands. There are lots of customer reviews online, and they should tell you which companies and providers are highly trusted. If you hike occasionally, it may be worth saving some cash and opting for a mid-range product. If you hike often, however, think about spending a little more on a hat that is going to last.


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